Diya of a female prisoner was collected by activisms

Kurdpa Agency: Diya of a female prisoner in Sanandaj Prison was collected by social activists in and was rescued from execution.

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Press Agency, Diya of a female prisoner named \"Soghra khalili\" from Bisaran, Marivan was collected by activisms.

This 37-year-old woman has been sentenced to death for \"murder\" since 1391 (Hijri) and she was in Sanandaj Central Prison. The victim\'s family said that they would be satisfied if they receive 300 million Toman as Diya.

Aram Fathi, a social activist from Marivan, wrote on his Facebook page: the Diya of Soghra Khalili has been gathered and we hope to see her freedom in the upcoming days.

In this regard, on June 19th, a female prisoner named Fowzia Jawazi, daughter of Rahmatullah, who was sentenced to Qisas for killing of her husband, Habib Sheikh Ahmadi, was rescued from execution with paying the Diya by philanthropists and benefactors.