Detention of the citizens to be continued in the village of "Sardush" in Marivan

17:23 - 17 November 2020

 On Friday, November 13th, following the arrest of Kurdish citizens in the village of "Sardush" in Marivan, a Kurdish citizen named "Ismail Rasti", 29, son of Rahim from this village, was arrested by security forces.

 The Kurdish citizen was arrested without a warrant and transferred to an unknown location.

 The exact reason for the arrest of this Kurdish citizen has not been determined yet.

 In this regard, on the evening of Wednesday, November 11th, a Kurdish citizen named "Hadi Rasaei", 30, son of Rashid from the village of "Sardush" in the Marivan district, was arrested by security forces.

 On the same day, three Kurdish youths, "Salah Purkivan", 24, son of Ahmad, "Aras Ghaderi", 22, son of Kaveh, and "Mohsen Rasaei", 20, son of Ahmad, from the village of Sardush in Marivan, were arrested by security forces.