Detention of Kurdish citizens continues in Mahabad

 On Wednesday, July 1, a Kurdish citizen named "Jasim Majnooni" from the village of "Qaradagh" in Mahabad was arrested by security forces.

 After arresting this citizen, security forces transferred him to an unknown location.

 This Kurdish citizen was detained without any legal permit and his fate is unknown.

 So far, the Kurdish citizen's family's efforts to find out about his fate and whereabouts have been unsuccessful, and security forces have not provided a specific reason for his detention.

 In this regard, on Wednesday, July 1, four Kurdish citizens named "Asad Mohammadnejad" from "Mahabad", "Soran Nasiri" from "Gogtape", Mahabad, "Soran Mokhtari‌far" from "Haji Khosh" village, Mahabad and Omid Abbasi, from the village of Inder Qash in Mahabad, were detained by security forces.

 Also on Thursday, July 2, a Kurdish citizen named "Ribvar Padast", the son of Rasoul from the city of "Gogtape" in Mahabad, was arrested by security forces and taken to an unknown location.