Death sentences for three citizens on accused of \"assisting in moharebeh by pulling a weapon in the public and terrifying the people

Kurdpa Agency: The second branch of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia sentenced three people to death.

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday, April 17th, three citizens named:\"Milad Ghaffarzadeh Ghareh Ghashlaghi\" son of Sadeq, \"Mohammad Ali Akhtari Kahlan\" son of Ismail, and \" Milad Jajoui Khaynik \" son of Idris, were sentenced to death by the second branch of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia which was headed by Ali Sheikhloo Reza Najafzadeh.

These three citizens have been charged with \"assisting in pulling the weapons in public and terrifying people and engaging in moharebeh through the use of weapons in public and scared people.\"
On September 18th, 2018, These three persons stole about 10 kilograms of gold by armed robbery on the streets of Farhangian, Urmia, and they killed the owner of jewelry store, Ja\'far Dasti.

These three citizens were then identified and arrested by the Urmia\'s police in less than 15 days.