Database of Human Rights violators in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Press Agency published names of several other human rights violators in Kurdistan

The names have been provided to the Kurdpa Agency by an informed source in the Sanandaj Justice Department, who requested anonymity for security reasons.

The Kurdistan Press Agency recently released the names of human rights violators in Kurdistan for the first time.

\"\"Ghazaleh Moradi
Ghazaleh Moradi, the former Director of Education in District 1 of Sanandaj: Since the arrival of the Islamic Republic\'s repressive forces in Kurdistan and Sanandaj has begun to cooperate in identifying political and party activists in Kurdistan. So that along with the identification teams, after the departure of Peshmarge from Sanandaj entered the houses of the people and tortured and executed the girls and boys who favored the Kurdish parties. According to the testimony of the citizens of Sanandaj, she was aware of the torture of political activists in prison, known as the Revolutionary Court on Sixth Bahman Avenue in Sanandaj. After the 60s, he was entered Education system as a teacher and as a member of the Clearing House, and he quickly promoted due to marriage with an Sepahi man and spent ten years in the management of Education. During this time, the greatest pressure was put on the Teachers\' Association and introduced security guards to all schools. He is currently Director General of Kermanshah Governorate Affairs.

\"\"Feridoun Razmaghah
Feridoun Razmaghah, The head of Ettelaat Security headquarters in Kurdistan Prisons: He is an agent of the Ministry of Intelligence. The most frequent persecution and torturous of prisoners of conscience in Kurdistan prisons is under direct supervision of him, even using harassment of political prisoners by rape or addiction inmates by dangerous prisoners. Despite having no diploma, he was enrolled in the undergraduate law in Payam Noor Sanandaj and received a degree from the university. During the mass arrests following the Iraqi Kurdistan referendum, a large number of detainees were held under intense pressure in the quarantine of Sanandaj Central Prison under his supervision.

\"\"Mehdi Hatami
Mehdi Hatami, the Head of the Basij of the Faculty Members of the Kurdistan University and a member of the faculty of the Law Department: he was among the students of Fazlullah Mousavi, a member of the Guardian Council, who provided influential conditions for the recruitment of Mehdi Hatami at Kurdistan University. Mehdi Hatami, who also owns the head of the Law Department, has very close ties with security agencies, especially the IRGC\'s intelligences and the Shahramfar headquarters. His main activity is the repression and identification of dissident professors and students. It is worth noting that he was the direct reference to the arrest of students who were adherent of referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan autonomy. All courses related to fundamental rights and human rights are taught solely by him, and alone, and contrary to the regulations of the Ministry of Science, he is the guidance professor of hundreds of graduate and postgraduate students to closely monitor human rights issues.

\"\"Roshan Khoshnavazi
Roshan Khoshnavazi: The Revolutionary Guard and the Cultural Deputy of the University of Kurdistan, under the identifying cultural activities, identified the students activists and introduced to security institutions. he has an unconscionable sensation of Kurdish cultural rights, especially as regards the teaching of the Kurdish language in Kurdistan University.

\"\"Mahmud Safizadeh
Mahmoud Safizadeh, a core member of the selection of professors at Kurdistan University and a former deputy of the cultural affairs of this university, has been nominated to the Faculty of Literature and Humanities without any academic degree. He has been associated with the highest security officials in Kurdistan due to the fact that he is from Serish Abad and severely against to employment of the Kurdish and dissident professors at Kurdistan University.

\"\"Heresh Rezaie is receiving a statement from the governor
Heresh Rezaie is from the family who fames for 14 brothers and director of international affairs and public affairs of the Kurdistan Provincial Governorate, under the cover of reformist and the media, he is solely responsible for distorting the national movement in Kurdistan. his uncle, Khalil Rezaie, was the founder of the Peshmarge Muslim and the protector of Khalkhali in Kurdistan.

\"\"Kiumars Sheikhi
Kiumars Sheikhi: The Commander of the Kurdistan Border Guard, whose entered from Revolutionary Guard Corps into the law enforcement and with the fully authorized from the Supreme National Security Council, is responsible for direct killing of Kurdish Kolbars in border points.
Kurdpa Agency as a freelance press believes that universal human rights protect the rights of all defendants against human rights violations. This list is to inform and get more information. The case for each person under the authority of the presence of lawyers and international human rights lawyers will be investigated and detailed examples of human rights violation will be announced. The documentation of this report is sent to the international human rights institutions with all documentation. This list is being updated and will be announced in the upcoming days.

The Kurdistan Press Agency requires itself to observe fundamental human rights, including the right to defense, so the right to defend the defendants is protected by the Kurdpa.