continuing detention of the citizen in Oshnovieh

 Following the detention of citizens in Oshnovieh, on the morning of Saturday, January 30th, a Kurdish citizen named "Shafee Sheikh", the son of Rahim from the village of "Cheshmeh Gol" in Oshnovieh, was arrested by security forces.

 The citizen was arrested without any court order and then transferred to an unknown location.

 No information is available on the reason for the arrest and the charges against this citizen.

 In this regard, on the morning of Friday the 29th of January, four Kurdish citizens named "Jamal Nahali" from Oshnovieh, "Ghafoor Espandar" from the village of "Aliabad", "Seyed Loghman Taheri" from the village of "Pirutabad" and "Shooresh Barham", from Oshnavieh, were detained by the security forces.