Continued detention of Kurdish citizens in Kurdistan

Kurdpa Agency: following the arrest of Kurd citizens, a Kurdish man from the city of Bokan was arrested and no information is available on his fate.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, a Kurdish citizen called \"Mustafa Rahimi\" from Bokan, was arrested by intelligence forces and transferred to an unknown location.

This citizen has a bookshop, which he arrested last week without a legal license, and the Bokan Ettelaat Bureau has not announced a specific reason for arresting the citizen.

After the arrest of this Kurdish citizen, intelligence forces have also searched his personal home.

Until the moment of publication of this news, there is no information available on the fate and whereabouts of this Kurdish citizen.

In this regard, On Tuesday, June 18th, a young Kurd man named Hamid Balkanlou, 28, from the city of Maku ,was arrested by intelligence forces near Urmia University and moved to an unknown location.

in 1396 (Hijri), This Kurdish citizen was deprived to continue his education at Payam-Noor University on charges of \"political activities and cooperation with one of the opposition parties of the Iranian government.