Continued deprivation of the Tahsin Dadras for the right to leave

Officials at Marivan Prison continue to oppose the release of Tahsin Dadras, a Kurdish political prisoner from the village of Sardush in Marivan.

 This political prisoner was deprived of his right to leave during his imprisonment, and his requests in this regard have been repeatedly denied by the Marivan prison authorities.

  Tahsin Dadras was transferred from Marivan Prison to Sanandaj Prison on Thursday, April 2nd, and again he was transferred to Marivan Prison  on Tuesday, September 15th.

 Earlier, this Kurdish political prisoner rejected the Marivan Intelligence Bureau's request to cooperate with the agency, and the deputy head of the Marivan Intelligence Bureau pressured this political prisoner.

 This political prisoner was transferred to Marivan Prison in 2017 to serve his sentence and was deprived of his right to leave during his imprisonment.

 On the evening of Thursday, December 29, 2009, Tahsin was arrested by security forces on charges of "collaborating with a Kurdish opposition party in the Iranian government."

 The Kurdish citizen was sentenced to 11 years in prison by a court of first instance in August 2006 on charges of "acting against national security and collaborating with Kurdish opposition parties in Iran."

 The Kurdish political prisoner was denied "access to a lawyer" during his detention.