confiscating 25 dray-horses of tradesmen in Oshnavieh

Kurdpa Agency: Revolutionary Guards forces confiscated 25 dray-horses of the tradesmen in Oshnavieh.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Friday, june 21st, the Revolutionary Guards forces confiscated 25 dray-horses of tradesmen from Oshnavieh and took all possession of them in a place called \"Mandan\".

According to an informed source, the IRGC forces raided the tradesmen and seized thier dray-horses.

This source added that the Revolutionary Guard forces are asking for large amounts of money to delivered the horses to tradesmen, that is, if they are not paying the amounts, the IRGC forces will sell the confiscated dray-horses.

Each year, the military forces of the Iranian government not only seizing and killing of the horses of tradesmen, but also confiscate all goods and equipment along with them. According to Clause 1, articles 2 of smuggling, if the price of the smuggled goods is less than one million Tomans, it is not assumed as a crime, and in most cases, the cost of goods brought by tradesman is less than this price