Clashes between people and law enforcement in Hawraman

Kurdpa Agency: Law Enforcement Officers Clashed with Kurdish Citizens in Hawraman.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Sunday, April 14th, law enforcement ambush for Kurdish Kolbars on the Hajij-Nowdeshah road in Horaman encounter with a severe reaction from Kurdish citizens.

According to a knowledgeable source, a group of Kurdish Kolbars were ambushed in the law enforcement officers who citizens prevented their goods to seize by the law enforcement.

According to this source, after a sharp reaction of the protesters, police officers were forced to leave the conflict and failed to seize the goods of the Kolbars.

Governmental institutions deal with Kolbars and businessmen in Kurdistan under the heading \"Goods smugglers,\" while Kurd residents of Kurdish regions, due to the lack of job opportunities and government security insights on these areas, they are obligated to go to the dangerous Kolbari occupation. Many of the Kolbars lose their lives.