Bombarding the Kurdistan Region by the Revolutionary Guards

Kurdpa Agency: the Artillery of Sepah Pasdaran bombarded the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Thursday noon, July 10th, the artillery battalions of the Revolutionary Guard Corps has bombarded the Sidkan, Choman and Barbazin in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, as well as the villages of Deri, Dasina, Talan, Bi Qoshpak, Dostana.

The Kurdpa\'s reporter said an 18-year-old girl named Zaytoun Ghader was died and two of her brothers, Sirwan Ghader, 23, and Ismail Ghader, 14, were severely injured.

in this Bombardement, The Revolutionary Guards has been damaging the region\'s environmen.

The Revolutionary Guards also used Katyusha in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region battalions.

Until the release of this news, the Iraqi Kurdistan Region is being bombarded continuously by the Revolutionary Guards artillery.