Bokan; Soran Sharifi was sentenced to seven years in prison

 A Kurdish citizen named Soran Sharifi from Bokan was sentenced to seven years in prison by Branch 101 of the city's criminal court, presided over by Judge Peyman Rostami.

 According to an informed source, the court charged the citizen with "membership in one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government" and "propaganda against the regime", and this sentence was officially announced on Saturday, September 11th.

 The informed source added: Mr. Sharifi is the owner of "Hakim" clinic in Bokan and the court has issued a sentence of two years to close this clinic.

 On Monday, May 24th, security forces arrested this citizen without issuing any court order, and in June of this year, he was temporarily released from the detention center of the Bokan Intelligence Bureau until the end of the trial.

 During his detention, the citizen was denied "access to a lawyer" and "family visits," and security forces confiscated some of his personal belongings, including his cell phone, computer, and books.