Bam Citadel may be removed from UNESCO list

Kurdpa - The Bam Citadel in central Iran may be removed from the UNESCO list of Endangered Cultural Heritage Sites because of non-compliance with the standards related to its reconstruction.
The Mehr News Agency reports that UNESCO inspectors have made serious calls for compliance.
After an earthquake in Bam in 2003 claimed tens of thousands of lives and destroyed large sections of the historic site, the citadel was put on the list of endangered cultural heritage sites.
Later, the Supreme Council of Iranian Architecture and Urban Development approved a series of criteria proposed by UNESCO for the reconstruction.
Experts have criticized the excessive construction activities in the area, including the building of a gas station and other violations of the UNESCO criteria.
Bam Governor Hossein Shayegh has told Mehr that the gas station has now been shut down and all other considerations have been observed to put the reconstruction project back on track with UNESCO standards.

Bam Citadel is the largest adobe building in the world and is said to date back to 500 BC. Seven years ago, the reconstruction of the historic site was slated for completion in 15 years