Authentication; Additional report on injuries and amputations of four teenagers in Mehran due to a mine explosion

 The identities of four teenagers who were amputated and injured in a mine explosion in the "Kanjancham" area of ​​Mehran, were confirmed to Kurdpa today on Thursday, January 6th. 

 Kurdpa has identified the four teenagers as "14-year-old Zulfiqar Moradkhani, 12-year-old Saman Moradkhani, 15-year-old Zulfiqar Farzi and 14-year-old Erfan Farzi."

 These four teenagers are nomads and ranchers in Mehran region and were transferred to Imam Hossein Hospital in Mehran for medical treatment.

 In this regard, on Sunday, December 26th, an anti-personnel mine exploded, killing a 10-year-old child named "Amir Reza Rezaei-Majd",  child of Sharaf, in Dehloran, Ilam province.