Arrests of the spokesman of The Kurdish United Front in Bokan

10:36 - 26 November 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: The Kurdish United Front confirmed in a statement the detention of a spokesman of this organization.

 In a statement, Dr. Azad Mohammadian, a spokesman of  The Kurdish United Front, confirmed the detention and demanded his release.

 Dr. Azad Mohammadian, thr spokesman of The Kurdish United Front, was detained at his workplace in Bokan on Sunday, November 24th, by intelligence agents of the Urmia Revolutionary Guards and taken to an unknown location.

 After the search of his home, intelligence agents seized and took away his laptop, several USB flash drive, several volumes of books, and significant amounts of handwritten analytical articles and diaries.

 The Kurdish United Front, in its statement, protests the unjustified arrests and detentions that have been widespread in recent days, especially in Kurdistan, calling for the immediate release of Dr. Azad Mohammadian, the spokesman of The Kurdish United Front.