Arresting and summoning of citizens in Kurdistan reached 79 persons

From December 27th to January 25th, the wave of arresting and summonses of Kurdish citizens in the cities of Mahabad, Marivan, Rabat, Sanandaj, Bokan, Sarvabad, Naqadeh, Piranshahr, Saqez, Kermanshah and Tehran took place by security forces, which is likely to be continued. 

 Such groups and arbitrary detentions, the systematic repression of activists in Kurdistan, their ignorance of their fate, and their interrogation and torture by intelligence agencies for forced confessions should be severely condemned and investigated by international human rights organizations.

 According to Kurdpa statistics;

 Of these, 72 persons were arrested and  7 were summoned to the Ettelaat Bureau and interrogated.
 3 of these citizens (Farzad Samani, Sohaib Badrouj and Bahman Yousefzadeh) were students.
  5 people have been environmental activists (Dana Samadi, Minooi caravan, Zanyar Motamedi, Sirvan Karimzadeh, Karo Alidad)
 There have been 10 civil and cultural activists (Shapoul Khezri, Salar Rahavi, Darya Talabani, Afshin Mammadi, Sirvan Nouri, Farhad Musapour, Fereydoon Musapour, Soran Mohammadi, Asrin Mohammadi, Soran Hosseinzadeh)
 5 Women (Nasrin Yazdanipour, Nazanin Atabaki, Maliheh Moradi, Samira Farahnaki and Elham Yazdanipour) were arrested on charges of soloing in the women's band "Glaris" and participating in a promotional video.
 1 labor activists (Afshin Elahi)
 Many were citizens and many were university graduates.

 The security forces acted as follows when detaining and summoning these citizens:

 All 79 were detained by security forces and interrogated in connection with the summons.

 All 72 citizens have been detained without any notice.
 70 of the detained citizens faced an unknown fate after their arrest, and the location of 64 persons was unknown. A number of them were able to contact their families a few days later and report their transfer to the Urmia and Sanandaj security detention centers.
 There have been 31 cases of raids, searches and demolitions of houses by security forces, and 5 persons' personal belongings have been confiscated.
 5 people were also beaten by security forces during their detention.
  The names and places of detention and summoning of these 79 people are as follows;

 Mahabad;  1. Darya Talabani -2. Shapool Khezri -3.Salar Rahavi- 4. Afshin Mammadi -5. Sirvan Nouri -6. Iman Abdi -7. Farzad Samani (arrested in Karaj)- 8.Hassan Abdi- 9. Soran Mohammadi -10. Soran Omarzadeh- 11.Amir Bayazidi  Azar-12. Asrin Mohammadi (arrested in Tehran)

 Marivan; 1. Dana Samadi- 2. Zanyar Motamedi- 3.  Karavan Minoui- 4. Sirvan Karimzadeh- 5. Jabbar Piroozi- 6. Karo Alidad (summoned) 7. Sohaib Badrouj (arrested in Karaj) _ 8.Adel Parvazeh- 9. Salman Adwaie - 10. Sherko Pa Aho

 Sarvabad:  1. Salman Adwaie - 2. Siamak Advaei- 3. Akram Adwaie- 4. Fardin Adwaie

 Rabat: 1. Bahman Yousefzadeh-  2. Fereydoun Musaipour- 3. Farhad Musaipour

 Bokan: 1. great Nazareth- 2. Hossein Gardeshi- 3. Ali Zolfi 4. Qader Rasoulpour- 5.Mhmdhajy Rasoulpour- 6. Hussein Mehraban- 7. Hiresh Rasoulpour- 8. Fowad Mohammad Pour- 9. Fariba Ahmadi- 10. Rojin Mohammad Pour- 11. Rashid Ahmed- 12. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi- 13. Reza Zandi- 14. Mohammad Zandi- 15. Farhad Zandi- 16. Mahya Aldin Shame- 17. Sardar Mohammad pour- 18. Hamd Rasoulpour- 19. Auob Rasoulpour- 20.Hussien Rasoulpour- 21. Edris Haji Rasoulpour- 22. Salah Haji Rasoulpor- 23. Sirwan Mohammadpour.
 Sanandaj;  1. Amir Rezaie ( (summoned))- 2. Arman Moradian ( (summoned)) - 3. Kamel Nouri ( (summoned))- 4. Aram Yousefi- 5. Abdollah Asal- 6. Jamil Ahmadian- 7. Sirwan Amini

Piranshahr: 1. Rasoul Lawazeh- 2. Karim Khalifani- 3. Hesam Aldin Khezri- 4. Shoresh Ahmadi- 5. Peshtiwan Nabi Zargtan- 6. Rahman Daryazi- 7. Salam Khalifani

Naqadeh: 1. Rahman Ebrahimi- 2. Diako Zardoshti- 3. Taleb Rayhani- 4. Rashid Rayhani
 Saqez;  1.Ata (shamal) Rahmanzadeh- 2. Afshin Elahi- 3. Babak Babaei

Kermanshah;  1. Nasrin Yazdanipour- 2.Nazanin Atabaki- 3. Maliheh Moradi (summoned)- 4. Samira Farahnaki (summoned)- 5. Elham Yazdanipour (summoned).

 In this regard: 
Security forces pressured the families of the detained citizens to refrain from interviewing the media about their children's condition.
 Due to the pressure of the security agents on the detainees' families regarding the spreading of information about the detainees and their situation, it is likely that the number of detainees will exceed this number.
 The families of detainees, while expressing concern about the fate of their family members, reported that the security agencies and the judiciary have not provided the reason for their detention and where they are being held.  The city prosecutor's office also informed the families of detainees who were seeking a lawyer that it would not be possible for a lawyer to enter their case until the end of the interrogation period.

 Arranged by: Evin Mostafa Zadeh