Arrested of the Nojin Association director in Kamyaran branch

Kurdpa Agency: The Nojin Socio-cultural Association director in Kamyaran branch was arrested by intelligence forces.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday evening of June 26th, Sirvan Ebrahimi, director of the Nojin Socio-cultural Association in Kamyaran branch, was arrested by the intelligence forces and no information is available on his fate.

The arrest of this social activisms has been made without legal permission, and so far, the family\'s pursuit on his fate has been useless.

Nojin Socio-cultural Association has also declared that, if the situation of Sirvan Ebrahimi remain in vague, it will announce a statement.

Also, on Wednesday, June 26th, intelligence forces raided at a Kurdish citizen house named \"Nemat Rahmani\" who is from the village of Lown-e Sadat, Kamyaran, arrested hime and transferred to unknown location.

This Kurdish citizen has played an active role in teaching of Kurdish language in the villages around Kamyaran over the past year.

Also in this regard, On Thursday, May 23rd, three Nojin members named \"Idris Menbari, Rebwar Menbari\" and \"Zahra Mohammadi\" from Sanandaj were arrested by the intelligence forces.

On Sunday, May 26th, two detained members of the Nojin named \"Idris Menbari and Rebwar Menbari\" from Sanandaj were released and Zahra Mohammadi, the other detained member of the Nojiin Socio-cultural Association, is still in detention.