Arrested of Kurdish citizens in Kamyaran are continuing

Kurdpa Agency: Three more citizens were arrested following by the detention of Kurdish citizens in Kamyaran.

According to a report released by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday, August 7th, three Kurdish citizens, \"Rafiq Kaki, Amjad Seifi and Mohammad Khateri\", from Kamyaran were arrested by intelligence forces.

Intelligence forces raided the personal homes of Rafiq Kaki and Amjad Seifi in Kamyaran and detained them after an inspection their homes.

Intelligence forces also raided the village of Shahini in Kamyaran area and beat Mohammed Khateri in front of his family members while arrested him.

No information is available on the reasons for the arrests of the three Kurdish citizens.

In this regard, on Tuesday, August 6th, four Kurdish citizens, named \"Sirvan Moradi, Behzad Kamangar, Arman ghetasi and Borhan Kamangar\", were arrested by intelligence agents and taken to an unknown location.