Arrest of two young Kurds in Marivan and transfer to Sanandaj\'s Ettelaat

Kurdpa Agency: Two young Kurds from Marivan were transferred to Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau after being detained.

According to a report released by Kurdistan Press Agency, Two Kurdish youths, Shaho Akhtar Kavan and Hamdi Akhtar Kavan, were arrested after being summoned to the Marivan Ettelaat Bureau.

On Sunday, July 14th, Hamdi Akhtar Kavan from Bolbar village in Uraman District and Marivan resident, was arrested after being summoned to the intelligence Bureau, and no information is available on his fate.

Shaho Akhtar Kavan was also summoned and detained at the Marivan Intelligence Bureau last week.

After being arrested, these two young men from Marivan were taken to the Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau for interrogating.

No information is available on the arrest of these two young Kurds until the moment of publication of this news.

Photo: Shaho and Hamdi Akhtar Kavan