Arrest of four literary activists in Bokan

10:39 - 22 October 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: Four literary activists from Bokan were arrested by intelligence forces and taken to the Urmia Ettelaat Bureau for interrogation.

 According to a report released by the Kurdistan Press Agency on Tuesday, October 15th, four Kurdish literary activists from Bokan named "Zhaka Ismailpour, Semko Maroufi, Hooman Feizi and Shaho Khezri" were arrested by intelligence forces.

 According to an informed source, these four Kurdish activists were detained by intelligence forces following a rally in support of Rojava in Bokan and then transferred to the Urmia Ettelaat Bureau for interrogation.

 The detainees' personal homes were searched by intelligence forces during their detention, the source said.

 Until the moment of publication of this news, these four Kurdish citizens have been detained in the Urmia Ettelaat detention center and their reason for their arrest has not been determined.

 Photo: Shaho Khezri, Hooman Feizi, Zhaka Ismailpour and Semko Maroufi