Arrest of four Kurdish citizens in the Margavar Rural District, Urmia

Kurdpa Agency: Four Kurdish citizens from the Margavar Rural District, Urmia were arrested by intelligence forces.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Sunday, June 30th, intelligence forces raided the villages of Bavan and Felekan and arrested four Kurdish citizens.

According to an informed source, Aref Mohammadi, Abed Mohammadi and Hasan Barati from the village of Bavan and Sarhang Babkri from the village of Felekan, are four citizens who were arrested by intelligence forces and transferred to an unknown location.

This informed source added that the intelligence agents have beaten up them during the arrest of these four citizens.

According to this source, during the last weeks, the pressure on the families of members of the Kurdish parties opposition of the Iranian regime in the Mergavar Rural District, Urmia has increased and has been summoned to intelligence agencies several times.

No information is available on the reasons for the detention of these four Kurdish citizens until the moment of this news is released.