Arrest of five Kurdish citizens in Oshnovieh

 On Sunday, July 5, five Kurdish citizens, Saeed Tabnak, Eskandar Seyed Mohammadpour, Rahman Tabesh, Abu Bakr Bilal, and Rahim Rafati from Oshnovieh, were detained by security forces and taken to an unknown location.

 These five Kurdish citizens were detained without any legal permission. 

 So far, the family's pursuit of these five citizens has been fruitless.

 No information is available on the reasons for the arrest of the five Kurdish citizens.

 In this regard, on Wednesday, July 1, five Kurdish citizens named "Jasim Majnoon" from the village of "Qaradagh" living in Mahabad, "Asad Mohammadnejad" from "Mahabad", "Soran Nasiri" from the city of "Gogtape", Mahabad,  Soran Mokhtarifar, a resident of Haji Khosh village in Mahabad, and Omid Abbasi, a resident of Inder Qash village in Mahabad, were detained by security forces.

 Also on Thursday, July 2, a Kurdish citizen named "Ribvar Padest", the son of Rasoul from the city of "Gogtape" in Mahabad, was arrested by the security forces and taken to an unknown location.

 Photo: Eskandar Seyed Mohammadpour, Rahman Tabesh and Saeed Tabnak