Arrest of five Kurdish citizens in Javanrud

16:13 - 1 December 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: Five Kurdish citizens from Javanrud were arrested by intelligence forces on charges of "participating in protest rallies".

 According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, five Kurdish citizens, Aria Azizi, Diako Mirahmadi, Omran Waldi, Hirsch Mirahmadi and Zakaria Ahmadi, were arrested by intelligence forces.

 These five Kurdish citizens were arrested five days ago on charges of "participating in protest rallies" and were transferred to Dizelabad prison in Kermanshah.

 So far, the family follow-up for these five Kurdish citizens to find out about their fate have not yielded any results.

 Following the rise in fuel prices, widespread protest rallies were held in Javanrud and dozens of protesters were arrested by government officials.

 also in these rallies, Dozens of protesters were wounded and several other civilians were killed by direct firing by Iranian government troops.