Arrest of five Kurdish activists in Baneh

19:21 - 27 April 2022

 On Tuesday, April 26th, five Kurdish activists, Hassan Ezzati, Nishtman Rahmati, Saeed Mohammadi, Parvin Abdullahpour, and Omar Soleimani, from Baneh, were arrested by security forces.

 According to an informed source, before International Workers' Day, security forces raided the homes of the five Kurdish activists on the morning of Tuesday, April 26th, and arrested them without issuing any court order.

 The informed source stated: The arrest of these five citizens was accompanied by violence and some of their personal belongings, including their mobile phones, were confiscated by the security forces.

 The informed source added: Nishtman Rahmati, Saeed Mohammadi's wife, has been released from detention after several hours of interrogation.

 The informed source stated: Hassan Ezzati, head of the Baneh Workers' Union, Parvin Abdullahpour, civil activist and wife of Hassan Ezzati, Omar Soleimani, 58 years old, labor activist and former political prisoner, Saeed Mohammadi, 43 years old, labor activist and former political prisoner for interrogation were transferred from security detention centers in Sanandaj.

 No information is available on the reason for the arrests and the charges against them.

 Photo: Saeed Mohammadi, Parvin Abdollahpour, Hassan Ezzati and Omar Soleimani