Arrest of an environmental activist in Oshnavieh

10:46 - 7 December 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: An environmental activist from Oshnavieh was arrested by intelligence forces and taken to an unknown location.

 According to a report received by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday, December 3rd, "Rashid Naserzadeh", a journalist and environmental activist from Oshnavieh and a member of the "Pishro" mountaineering group, was arrested by intelligence forces.

 According to an informed source, the environmental activist was arrested and taken to an unknown location. he was going back from the Iraqi Kurdistan region on Piranshahr-Oshnavieh Road while he was arrested. 

 Rashid Naserzadeh was also arrested in September 2018 after protesting to  execution of three Kurdish political prisoners and released after hours of questioning.

 There is no information available on the arrest of this environmental activist until the moment of setting up this news.