Arrest of a Kurdish writer in Kelardasht, Mazandaran

16:09 - 1 December 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish writer and civil activist was arrested in Kelardasht Mazandaran. 

 According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency on Monday, November 18th,  "Kurdish writer and civil activist Mozhgan Kavoosi" from Kelardasht, Mazandaran, was arrested by intelligence forces and no information is available about her fate.

 According to an informed source, intelligence forces raided this Kurdish author's personal home and arrested her without legal authorization.

 The source added: This author was arrested by intelligence forces on charges of "supporting protest rallies in Kurdish cities" on social media.

 So far, the Kavoosi family has been unsuccessful in finding out about the fate of Mozhgan, the source said.

 Mozhgan Kavoosi is a social activisms in Kelardasht based in the cultural and artistic fields and she is the producer, author, and director of the short film Hiva, a documentary about the danger of the Kurdish language being destroyed in Kelardasht. 

  short film thriller "Hiva" 

 A documentary about the danger of the extinct of Kurdish language in Kelardasht. 

 Producer, writer and director:

 "Mozhgan Kavoosi"

 Cast: Shokofeh Taymor nezhad - Mozhgan Kavoosi - Kosar Jafarnejad - Samaneh Moghadam - Dorsa Kavoosi