Arrest of a Kurdish teacher in Mahabad

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish teacher from the city of Mahabad was detained by intelligence forces and transferred to an unknown location.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday, May 7th, Yaser Amini Azar, a Mahabad School teacher was arrested by intelligence forces.

According to an informed source, this Kurdish teacher was arrested while leaving school and transferred to an unknown location.

This source added: Yaser Amini Azar is a mathematic teacher in schools of Mahabad, and despite of his family\'s follow-up, no information is available on his fate.

On November 12th 2018, this teacher was summoned and interrogated by the security department of the Mahabad Education office for participating in the public sit-in by teachers.

No information is available on the location and the reason for detention of this Kurdish teacher until the moment of publication of this news.