Arrest of a Kurdish cleric by security forces in Oshnavieh

16:36 - 26 September 2022

On Friday, September 23rd, a Kurdish cleric named Mamosta "Mala Anwar Rastgar", the imam of the village of "Sheikhan" in Oshnavieh, was arrested by the security forces.

 According to an informed source, this Kurdish cleric criticized the Iranian government's policies and the security forces' treatment of protesters against the murder of Jina Amini in his sermon on Friday, after that he was arrested by the security forces.

 This informed source added: The security forces have arrested the Mamosta Mala Anwar Rastgar on the Oshnavieh-Piranshahr road and detained him without any court order.

 This informed source stated: The security forces disrespected this Kurdish cleric while arresting him.

 This Kurdish cleric was transferred to an unknown place after his arrest, and no exact information is available about his fate.

 Mamosta "Mala Anwar Rastgar", is a poet and writer from Pasveh, Piranshahr.