Arrest of a former prisoner in Saqez

 On Sunday, April 19th, Kamran Abdipour, a former prisoner, was detained by plainclothes forces in Saqez and taken to an unknown location.

 According to Abdipoor's family, plainclothes forces told them that Kamran had been arrested on charges of collaborating with fugitive prisoners at Saqez Prison.

 So far, the efforts of Abdipoor's family to find out the whereabouts of their child has been fruitless.

 On Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, Kamran (Reza) Abdipoor was released from Saqez prison after 15 years in prison with the consent avengers of blood. 

 This Saqezi citizen was arrested during a clash that led to the murder of a man named "Mohammad Alizadeh" and was later sentenced to death.