Another Kurdish Kolbar Killed in Saqez

Kurdpa: A Kurdish courier worker (Kolbar) from the city of Saqez in Eastern Kurdistan was shot and injured at the border of Shiler, by Iranian Border Guards.

According to information obtained by Kurdistan Press Agency, Kurdpa, Kamal Abdoli, a resident of Saqez working at the border areas of Shiler in Sarshew, a region located between Mariwan and Bane at the borders of Southern and Eastern Kurdistan, is the latest deceased courier.

According to eye-witnesses, Abdoli was not carrying any products at the time and he was shot without any formal warning. Witnesses further reported that Abdoli was transferred to a local hospital, and died two days later due to his injuries.

Earlier, on July 6, another Kurdish courier, ‘Navid’, along with three others were shot and inured by Iranian Border Guards in the Shalmash district, in the suburbs of Sardasht in Wurme (West Azerbijan) Province, Eastern Kurdistan.

Kurdpa has documented the death of 11 Kolbars and 11 other injuries as of March 21, 2015-the beginning of the Iranian New Year of 1394.

Writing by Kurdpa Staff Writers, translation by Kajal Mohammadi and editing by Sharmin Hassaniani.


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