Another Kurdish citizen was arrested in Damavand

Kurdpa Agency: Another Kurdish citizen from Sanandaj was arrested by intelligence forces in Damavand, Tehran.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Monday, August 19th, a Kurdish citizen with name of \"Hiwa Jalili, son of Ebrahim,\" from the village of Avihang, Sanandaj was arrested by the intelligence forces and transferred to an unknown location.

This Kurdish citizen was detained by intelligence forces on charges of \"using Kurdish costumes ( Jamana) at a wedding party in Damavand while dancing and propaganda in favor of one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government\".

This Kurdish citizen is the brother of \"Seifullah Jalili\" who was arrested along with Bashir Hatami and Ghafour Yari on Monday, August 19th by the intelligence agents.