An Oshnovieh soldier was transferred to Urmia Prison after the interrogation

 In recent days, a Kurdish soldier named Matin Hassanvand, 20, son of Farough from Oshnovieh, was transferred to the central prison in Urmia after being interrogated in a security detention center.

 According to an informed source, this soldier met his family after being transferred to Urmia Prison.

 The informed source stated: This young man, who was a soldier in one of the Oshnovieh barracks, was arrested by the security forces a month ago on charges of collaborating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government.

 The informed source added: "This Kurdish soldier was transferred to an unknown place after his arrest and was deprived of access to a lawyer, telephone calls and visits to his family during his detention."

 The informed source stated: This soldier's mobile phone was confiscated and searched by the security forces.

 Matin Hassanvand is in a state of uncertainty in Urmia Central Prison.