An injured young Ahvazi due to mine blast

Kurdpa Agency: A young man from the city of Ahvaz, Khuzestan province was amputated by the explosion of mine from his leg.

On Saturday, 27th of July, a 26-year-old young man named \"Mustafa Qalamshiri\" entered the protected area of ​​the army, opposite the hill of Siahi in the city of Ahvaz, where he was going on mines and amputated by the explosion of mine from his leg.

The head of the Emergency Department of Ahvaz, in an interview with the media on this incident, stated: \"The young man was walking through the barbed wires of the protected area of ​​the army facing the hill of Siahi of Ahvaz, so that the area had not been cleared and this incident was happened due to mine explosion.

The cities of Urmia, Sanandaj, Ilam, Karmashan and Khuzestan are the most contaminated areas with Mines in Iran, and there are more than 16 million mines in these areas, but there is still no effective action to clear these areas from landmines.