An Ilami journalist\'s file is in an appeal court

Kurdpa Agency: The case of a Kurdish journalist from Ilam, sentenced to one year in prison, was reviewed at branch 5 of the Court of Appeals.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Saturday, April 13th, Najaf Mehdipour, owner and editor of the two-weekly magazine \"Bakhtar Zamin\" has suspended on charged with \"propaganda against the regime and insulting the leadership\" by the Revolutionary Court of Ilam. He was sentenced to a one-year imprisonment, in Section 5 of the Ilam Appeal Court, he defended himself.

According to an informed source, there was not enough time to give to this Ilami journalist for the defense, and two judges responsible for hearing the case addressed him in humiliating terms.

This Kurdish journalist was summoned to the Revolutionary Court of Ilam on September 4th, 2018, and was sentenced to a one-year imprisonment on charges of \"propaganda against the regime and insulting the leadership.\"

The two-weekly magazine \"Bakhtar Zamin\" has been suspended due to the publication of critical articles and materials from Iranian government officials on the situation of human rights and foreign policy.

Najaf Mehdipour, graduated in political science and candidated for the tenth parliamentary term, whose qualifications were rejected by the Guardian Council for \"lack of faith and commitment to Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran.\"