An environmental activist was arrested in Ramsar

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish environmental activist from Kamyaran was detained by the intelligence forces in Ramsar and transferred to the Ettelaat\'s Detention of Sanandaj.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Thursday 14th of March, a Kurdish environmental activist, Jalal Rostami, from Shahini, a village of Kamyaran but dweller of Ramsar in northern Iran, was detained by intelligence forces at his workplace.

The intelligence agency of the Sanandaj in co-ordination with the Ramsar\'s Intelligence Agency have detained this environmental activist.

This environmental activist has been transferred to the Ettelaat\'s Detention Center of Sanandaj on Saturday 16th of March.

Until the moment of publication this news, No information is available on the reasons for the arrest of this environmental activist.