Alluvial mines and unarmed ammunition threaten the lives of Kurdish citizens

Kurdpa Agency: Rainstorms and flooding in Kurdistan cities have caused the displacement of mines and ammunition that have not been exploded.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, heavy rain and flooding in Mehran, Qasre Shirin, Marivan and Ilam have raised concerns about the displacement of mines left over from the eight-year-old war between Iran and Iraq and unexploded ammunition.

Citizens in the cities of Mehran, Qasr-e-Shirin and Ilam have reported the displacement of mines and ammunition during the last few days with the publication of images in cyberspace.

Behnam Sadeghi, an activist in the field of mine clearance in Khuzestan and Ilam, has issued a note entitled \"Flooding and Wake up mines\" to warn the displacement of alluvial mines in Kurdistan and Khuzestan.

Alluvial mines are said to be mines that go from one point to another with the flow of water. These mines are often found in places that have already been cleared and mines have been eliminated from those points.

This activist in the area of ​​mine clearance mentioned in this note for phenomenon caused by the explosion of alluvial mines in different regions of Kurdistan and said: Exactly two years ago; on March 27th 2016, when a Mahabad\'s municipality worker named Pejman Hosseini, with a special raker clearing the coast of the Mahabad River (Chomi Sablaghi), the impact of a rake collision with the mine remained from the war and the explosion was wounded him from his leg. In June of the same year, the tractor was carrying Aminzadeh\'s family crossed the river in the plain of Sardasht, encounter with the anti-tank mine, and two sons of the family died.

This expert in demining the land, soil fracture, slope, rainfall intensity, and water flow rate are among the important factors in the displacement of land mines.

In this note, he called for awareness of alluvial mines to citizens in Kurdistan and Khuzestan.

According to, 62 citizens were killed and wounded in the mine blast in 1397 solar Hijri.