Air pollution kills four thousand Iranians a year

Kurdpa - According to the Iranian health ministry, every year over four thousand people die from heart and respiratory diseases caused by air pollution. Lung cancer in particular is reported to be on the increase in the larger cities, where there are very high levels of pollution.

Dr. Anoshirvan Mohseni Bandpi, MP for the cities of Nowshahr and Chaloos, told the Khabar Online news agency that carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in many major cities “can cause cancer, and the levels are many times higher than those accepted internationally.”

However Dr. Mahmoud Khodadoost, who is head of research in the national coroners’ office, rejected the MPs remarks. He told the Mehr news agency that “no independent medical body has ever found a link between the rise in cancer and the rise in air pollution. Heart and respiratory problems are caused by other factors such as genetics.”

Source - Shahrzadnews