After two years, two Kurdish citizens still waiting their trials

Kurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa): Two Kurdish citizens, both of them from the city of Bokan (Bookan) have been waiting for their trials for two years.

According to reports received by our agency, Jamal Yousefi, from Moshirawa village and Hossein Ebrahim Hamzeh, from Garagul village have been waiting to attend their trials. They both were arrested two years ago and since then have been kept in a detention center.

Both Jamal and Hossein have in several occasions met with their families, according to source close to their families.

These two detainees were arrested on charge of ‘cooperating with a Kurdish, opposition group’ by Iranian intelligence forces two years ago.

Iranian intelligence forces have subjected both Jamal and Hossein to physical and mental torture in order to force them to make confession.