Additional news about the death and injury of two Kolbars at the border of Urmia

On Saturday, August 15, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Seraj Ahmadi", the son of a Sartip from the village of "Kuran" in Soma-e-Bradoust district of Urmia, died after being shot by government troops, and another Kolbar named "Makhmour Ahmadi", 33, son of Muzaffar was seriously injured.

 According to an informed source, Seraj Ahmadi was killed by direct fire from government troops at the border of Urmia.

 The informed source added: Makhmour Ahmadi, who suffered severe injuries in this incident, has been transferred to medical centers for medical treatment.

 Government forces fired directly at these Kolbars in Urmia border without any prior warning.

 Seraj Ahmadi is the third member of the Ahmadi family to die after being shot by government troops at the Urmia border.