absolutely no news about the fate of the three Kurdish citizens

11:41 - 14 September 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: No information is available on the fate of three Kurdish citizens from Sanandaj which were arrested in Damavand, Tehran. 

 According to a report released by the Kurdistan Press Agency, no information is available on the fate of three Kurdish citizens, "Seifollah Jalili, son of Ibrahim, Bashir Hatami, son of Sediq, Ghafour Yari, son of ghafar" from the village of Avihang, Sanandaj who were arrested by intelligence agents 20 days ago. 

 According to an informed source, the family's followe up of these three citizens have been unsuccessful to find out about their fate and whereabouts are unknown so far. 

 This source added that the intelligence forces refuse to give a clear answer to the fate of this three Kurdish citizens.

 On Monday, August 19th, These three Kurdish citizens were detained by intelligence forces on charges of "using Kurdish costumes ( Jamana) at a wedding party in Damavand while dancing and propaganda in favor of one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government".