Absolute unawareness about the fate of a Marivani citizen

Kurdpa Agency: The fate of a Kurdish citizen from Marivan is unknown after 14 days in custody.

According to a report released by the Kurdistan Press Agency, The fate of a Kurdish citizen, Abdullah Weisi, 44, from Gol-e Cheydar village, Marivan, was detained by intelligence forces on Saturday, July 20th.

A close relative of this Kurdish citizen told Kurdpa\'s reporter: \"After the arrest of this Kurdish citizen, the intelligence forces took him to an unknown location and refused to give a definite answer about his fate.\"

This informed source said: \"So far, his family\'s pursuit for his whereabouts and fate is useless.

This Marivani citizen was deprived of \"access to a lawyer\" during his detention, and intelligence forces denied him to access to a lawyer.