A young Kurd arrested in Divandarreh

Kurdpa Agency: A young Kurdish guy from Divandarreh has been detained by intelligence forces and transferred to an unknown location.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday evening, March 19th, intelligence forces raided a private house of a Kurdish citizen, Mohammad Hanifi, from the city of Divandarreh, arresting him.

One of the relatives of this Kurdish citizen told the Kurdpa Agency that the intelligence forces have raided the house of this Kurdish citizen without a legal permission.

This source added that the arrest of this Kurdish citizen after another was carried out by law enforcement officers with the youth of the city of Divandarreh in the Chaharshanbe Suri ceremony.

According to this informed source, the pursuit of this citizen\'s family has been in vain for their son\'s fate.