A young Kolbar from Sardasht was killed by government soldiers on the border of Baneh

11:41 - 9 September 2022

This evening, Wednesday, August 31st, a young man named "Saleh Rashidzadeh", 22 years old, from the village of "Qalarash" in Sardasht, died due to the firing of the Iranian military forces on the border of Baneh.

 The government soldiers directly shot this young Kolbar without any prior warning.

 An informed source in this regard told Kurdpa: On Friday, December 27, 2019, Saleh Rashidzadeh's brother named "Mohammed Rashidzadeh" was killed by gunfire from government soldiers on the border of Qalarash (Bazhar) in Sardasht.

 Saleh Rashidzadeh is single.

 In this regard, on Friday, August 26th, a Kolbar named "Ribwar Rashidi", the son of Abu Bakr from the village of "Qoliava" in Baneh, died due to the shooting of the government soldiers in the border of "Barishkani" of this city.

 In the past months, the Baneh border has witnessed the killing and wounding of many Kolbars, so that in August alone, a total of 30 Kolbars were killed and wounded on this border.