A young Kolbar died as a result of the firing of government troops

Kurdpa Agency: A young Kolbar from the Baneh died as a result of direct shootings by government troops.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday, June 25th, a young Kolbar named Heman Salehpour, 21, a son of Salim from the village of Alut, Baneh died while he was carrying loads following by direct firing of the government troops.

This Kurdish Kolbar has been targeted by government troops Without a previous warning, and lost his life.

This young Kolbar was shot by government troops stationed at the Nawo bitan outpost.

In this regard, on Thursday, june 13th, a Kurdish Kolbar called \"Mohammad Hosseinzadeh\", son of Osman from Zali Village, Baneh, was killed by direct shootings by government troops.

He was shot without warning from government officials stationed at the Baneh\'s border.