A Sardashti citizen was maimed after a landmine explosion

Kurdpa Agency: Landmine blast in Sardasht maimed a Kurdish citizen.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday, August 13th, a Kurdish citizen named \"Shirkoh\", son of Mohammed from the village of Gale Sepi, Sardasht was severely injured and maimed by landmine explosion.

This Kurdish citizen was taken to medical centers for medical treatment, and his fingers were cut off by a landmine explosion. This incident has happened in the Grovis area of ​​Sardasht.

According to available information, 6 million hectares of Iran\'s soils are contaminated with mines. According to statistics, there are more than 20 million mines across Iran, including Ilam, Kermanshah, Kurdistan and Urmia provinces due to the security and borderline of this provinces, these areas have the largest mines planted.

The work of clearing infected regions with mines were starting in Kurdistan and southwest regions of Iran in 1366 (Hijri) by the Army, IRGC and Basij. This clearing was carried out by the Ministry of the Interior from 1377 to 1382 (Hijri) and it has been entrusted with the Islamic Republic of Iran Mine Action Center which was formed by Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (Iran) in 2003 for mine clearance.