A landmine exploded amputating the wrist of a Marivan's citizen

 On Wednesday, October 7, a 38-year-old Kurdish citizen named "Khosrow Hassani" from the village of "Kureh Darreh" in Marivan was injured in a hand by a landmine blast. 

 This citizen was collecting garbage between "Qomchian" village and "Kani Ken" checkpoint, which he manipulated after finding a mine.

 According to an informed source, the Kurdish citizen had this incident after manipulating a mine and his left wrist was amputated due to a mine explosion.

 The informed source stated: This citizen was also wounded in the head and chest due to mine fragments.

 The informed source added: Khosrow Hassani is currently under intensive medical care in Marivan medical centers.

 This Kurdish citizen is married and has three children.