A Kurdish tradesman was wounded in Sardasht

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish tradesman from the city of Naqadeh was wounded by direct firings of government troops in Sardasht.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Thursday evening, June 6th, a Kurdish tradesman named \"Sirvan Aziz zadeh\" from the village of Khalifan، Naqadeh was severely wounded by direct firing of government troops in Chuman region of ​​Sardasht.

According to an informed source, the military officials gunners sprayed this Kurdish tradesman\'s car without prior warning, and the government forces were seized the car and the goods of this tradesman.

This informed source added that this tradesman was transferred to medical centers for medical treatment and he is in critical condition.

This Kurdish tradesman is 30 years old and has a child.

On the other hand, on the Sunday evening, June 9th, a Kurdish Kolbar called Ahmad Haj Ali was seriously wounded by direct firings of the Revolutionary Guards in the region of Kanu Zard, Sardasht.

Also a few days ago, IRGC forces were lurked a group of Kurdish Kolbars in the highlands of Piranshahr and after the firing of these forces, a Kurdish Kolbar called Omid Mohammadpour was severely injured from his leg.