A Kurdish student is waiting for execution after six years imprisonment

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish student sentenced to death at the sixth years of his imprisonment, which threatens to put his death sentence at risk.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, Saber Sheikh Abdullah, son of Mustafa and a former master student of Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, is still at risk of execution in the central prison of Urmia.

This Kurdish prisoner was detained since 2014. He and Diako Rasulzadeh were again sentenced to death, after a retrailing at Branch I of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia.

Saber Sheikh Abdullah, Hossein Osmani and Diaco Rasulzadeh were arrested by Mahabad\'s Intelligence Agency in March of 2014.

These three civilians were sentenced to death in the branch l of a Revolutionary Court of Mahabad, headed by Judge Ahmad Javadikia, on charges of \"bombing\" and \"membership in one of the Kurdish opposition parties in march of 2015.

The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran has accused these three Kurdish citizens of have been involved in the explosion of May 2015 in Mahabad and membership in the Kurdish opposition parties.

Earlier, one of Saber Shaikh Abdullah\'s classmate, told the Kurdpa\'s reporter: \"The case of Saber Sheikh Abdullah was at the hand of former Minister of Intelligence, Heydar Moslehi, and charged him with his involvement in the explosion of Mahabad, while Saber did not have any information on this matter. \"

These three Kurdish citizens from Mahabad have been detained in the central prison of Urmia and they were under \"physical and psychological tortures\" for \"television confessions\" at the Detention Center of the Ettelaat Bureau of Mahabad.

According to friends and acquaintances of the three Kurdish citizens, \"this case is full of contradiction and ambiguity. They have been sentenced to death without access to a lawyer and in a vague and brief trail, without providing any evidence, and merely based on the confessions of two of them.