A Kurdish prisoner was released from execution with the efforts of civilians and activists

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish prisoner from Sanandaj was rescued from death by consent of avengers of blood.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Monday, June 17th, a Kurdish detainee named Erfan Heydarian, 27, son of Heshmatollah, was rescued from execution by the consent of avengers of blood at the Sanandaj Central Prison.

This Kurdish detainee was scheduled to be hanged in Sanandaj Central Prison on Monday, June 17th.

social activisms and the people of Sanandaj gathered to stop the execution of this prisoner and to obtain consent of the avengers of blood in front of the Sanandaj\'s Prison, and with their efforts, the prisoner was rescued from execution.

Ten years ago, Erfan Heydarian was sentenced to Qisas by a judiciary for murdering a citizen named Arman Zare.