A Kurdish political prisoner has begun a strike at Marivan Prison

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish political prisoner has sewed his lips in protest of not giving him leave of absence.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, a Kurdish political prisoner named Hiwa Azhbari known as Hiwa Khawi, has been sewing his lips for six days and strike.

An informed source to the Marivan Prison in this regard told the Kurdpa Agency that the political prisoner was deprived of any leave and meeting with his family during his imprisonment, which is why he goes on a strike.

According to this source, Marivan prison authorities have told the political prisoner that they will respond positively if he cooperates with them.

This informed source said that the political prisoner had denied their demand for cooperating with prison\'s authorities.

This source emphasized that this political prisoner even had deprived of the rights to conditional freedom.

Hiwa Azbari has four children who sentenced to four years\' imprisonment on charges of \"political\" by the court and spent three years imprisonment at Marivan Prison.